Davide Carboni, PhD is a consultant, a qualified engineer and a former research scientist now dedicated to bring innovation in sectors like finance, legal firms and public sector advocating technologies like applied cryptography, blockchain and smart contracts.

Since 2018 he is lead blockchain consultant and architect of the swiss crypto exchange Smart Valor AG

In 2017 was appointed as senior technologist at CRS4 and lead organizer of the first italian Blockchain and DLT Scientific School, held in June 2018.

During 2015-2017 was appointed as data scientist and research scientist for Intel Labs Europe reporting to the Internet Of Things System Research Lab based in Leixlip (IE)

Under secondment at the Imperial College London he was appointed as expert for machine learning in the field of water/energy management and in the development of classification algorithms for wearable devices.

During 2010-2015 was in charge as head of program at CRS4 where he managed a team of 8 and was the company representative in several international EU projects.

He published more than thirty peer reviewed papers and articles in main international conferences and journals.

Davide is co-inventor of eight pending patents

  • Contextual Authentication of an Electronic Wallet — US20190034920A1
  • Securing communications – EP3382928A2
  • Approving Transactions from Electronic Wallet Shares — US20190034936A1
  • Tracking an Electronic Wallet Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) US20190034917A1
  • Securing Distributed Electronic Wallet Shares — US20190035018A1
  • Securing Electronic Wallet Transactions — US20190034919A1
  • Systems and methods for fair information exchange using publish-subscribe with blockchain WO2018182861A1
  • Type naming and blockchain for the sub-objects of a composite object in an internet of things network — WO2018126075A1