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Freemarket: una silk road che vive sulla blockchain di Nxt. La seconda versione è in lavorazione con molte aggiunte importanti, combinata con la privacy del superNET sarà perfetta per vendere le proprie piantine di basilico. Melodius is a non-profit platform that connects artists and musicians with buyers worldwide, using virtual currencies and revolutionizing the music industry.


Pangea: Un poker decentralizzato, farà parte del supernet

Finance & Business

distributed financial analytics.: Business networks and market analysis: DeBuNe lets small businesses collaborate, market, offer, and monetise their expertise or products more efficiently and effectively than any other market-based service. Augur: Decentralized Prediction Market Platform  Augur allows you to forecast events and be rewarded from predicting them correctly.

Internet of Things

IBM/Samsung ADEPT, Internet of things on BC

ID Management and notary services.

Namecoin, DNS anarchico e gestione identità

Proof Of Existence: Ad esempio data certa di possesso di un documento.

Bitproof: certificazione digitale del possesso di un documento basata su Blockchain.

edemocracy and governance

D-CENT is a Europe-wide project creating privacy-aware tools and applications for direct democracy DemocracyOS – Better decisions, together. Blockchain voting proposal DemocracyOS is an open source app for collaborative decision making and the easy governance Bitnation is a fully inclusive governance system.


Storj – The Future of Cloud Storage. affitta spazio sul tuo hard drive in cambio di valuta digitale:

Networking e privacy

Bitnet: vpn e tor tramite blockchain CryptaMail CryptaMail is Secure, 100% Decentralized Email. Built using Nextcoin’s blockchain 2.0 Capabilities,… Okturtles: dns e auth basato su blockchain Subspace, p2p messaging protocol…/subspace-p2p-anonymous…/ Subspace is an asynchronous private messaging protocol. It’s designed to be fast, lightweight, scalable, and easy to implement.


Dna-bits per medicina e genetica: Bithealth per gestione cartelle cliniche

Infomobility, geoweb, GIS.

GeoCoin, analisi dati territoriali GeoCoin Currency, Bringing GIS technologies to the blockchain! lazooz: car sharing, La`Zooz is a Decentralized Transportation Platform that is owned by the community which turns vehicles`…